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Who is menopause Taylor?

Written by James Renney - January 25, 2023

Who Is Menopause Taylor?

Menopause Taylor is a popular YouTube vlogger, podcaster and author who focuses on topics related to menopause. She is known for her warm and humorous approach to discussing everything from hot flashes to hormone replacement therapy. Taylor has been featured in various media outlets, including The New York Times and The Guardian. She is also the creator of the podcast “The Menopause Mavens.”

Taylor’s mission is to provide accurate information about menopause in an entertaining and informative way. Her YouTube channel features videos on topics such as:

  • Understanding the symptoms of menopause
  • How to cope with physical and emotional changes during menopause
  • Exploring treatment options like hormone replacement therapy and lifestyle changes
  • Different types of contraception after menopause
  • Self care tips for women going through menopause

In addition to her online presence, Taylor has written two books about her journey through perimenopause and natural treatments for staying healthy during this transitional time of life. Her down-to-earth advice has been praised by both healthcare professionals and women around the world.

For those interested in learning more about the different aspects of menopause, Menopause Taylor provides plenty of helpful resources from reliable sources. She encourages people to get informed about their own health care decisions, take control of their bodies, and make their experience with menopausal changes as comfortable as possible.

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Menopause Taylor strives to keep her work relatable yet entertaining so that everyone can learn something new while having a few laughs along the way - bonus points if she gets some dancing in! Visit Menopausetaylor Youtube channel or listen to her podcast - you won't regret it!

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