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What is HRT in a car?

Written by Emma Thompson - February 07, 2023

What is HRT in a Car?

HRT, or Hybrid Retarder Technology, is a type of advanced braking system technology that uses both the mechanical brakes and an electric retarder to increase the stopping power of your vehicle. It has become increasingly popular for cars for a number of reasons:

  • Safety: As safety is always paramount when it comes to driving, hybrid retarders provide improved stopping distances and increased control during emergency stops.

    Fuel Efficiency: By using the electric retarder over traditional brakes, the need to actually use fuel to generate braking power is greatly reduced. This not only saves on fuel costs but also helps with emissions reduction as well.

    Increased Control and Stability: In some models, hybrid retarders allow precise control over braking force which helps maintain stability during deceleration and cornering. This can be particularly useful for high-performance cars as it allows for greater control and lower lap times.

    Reduced Wear & Tear On Brakes: By using both Mechanical brakes and Hybrid Retarders together, overall brake life can be increased by up to 50%. This means less frequent brake maintenance and reduced long term repair costs.

    All of these features make HRT in cars an attractive option for anyone looking to get improved stopping performance with maximum efficiency, comfort, and reliability while still keeping cost low.

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