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Is estradot patch bioidentical?

Written by Richard Johnson - January 19, 2023

Is Estradot Patch Bioidentical?

The short answer is yes - the Estradot patch has been approved for use in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and is considered to be a bioidentical hormone. However, there are different types of bioidentical hormones, so it's important to understand what makes this particular type of HRT unique.

The Estradot patch, manufactured by Novartis, is a transdermal hormone delivery system. It contains both estradiol, a form of estrogen, as well as progesterone in one small patch. The patch requires no injections and is designed to provide long-term hormone therapy with fewer side effects than other forms of HRT.

This type of HRT differs from traditional synthetic hormones, which are typically composed of just one active ingredient. Bioidentical hormones are molecules that closely match the molecular structure of natural hormones found in the human body. This makes them more readily accepted and used by the body without unwanted side effects or reactions.

When considering any type of hormone replacement therapy it's important to talk with an experienced clinician or physician who can help you determine if an estradot patch or another form of treatment may be right for you. Many clinics offer comprehensive evaluations including blood tests and lifestyle assessments that can help identify any potential health risks associated with taking hormones such as the estradot patch.

At HGH Pro clinic we specialize in providing personalized treatments tailored to address each patient's individual needs and concerns. Our clinicians have decades of experience treating both men and women seeking relief from symptoms associated with hormone imbalance such as hot flashes, low libido and fatigue. Whether you're looking for an estradot patch or some other form of HRT, our clinic can provide you with non-judgmental care delivered on your own terms in a safe environment.

Overall, the estradot patch is a viable option for those seeking sustained relief from hormonal imbalances caused by menopause or other conditions affecting endocrine health. Bioidentical hormones like those contained in the estradot patch have been shown to replicate natural hormones more effectively than traditional synthetic versions making them an attractive choice for many patients looking for safe and effective treatments for common symptoms affecting their everyday lives.

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