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How long can you stay on BHRT?

Written by Richard Johnson - January 05, 2023

How Long Can You Stay On BHRT?

BHRT, or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, is a revolutionary form of treatment aimed at restoring hormonal balance in men and women. It is an individualized program tailored to each person based on specific medical needs.

It is important to understand that BHRT should not be viewed as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to hormone control. Each person has unique needs and requirements when it comes to BHRT, and thus the duration of the therapy can vary from person to person. The goal is to achieve long-term health benefits and restore hormonal balance with minimal side effects.

Generally speaking, those who start on BHRT may stay on it for the rest of their lives if they need ongoing support due to underlying conditions such as perimenopause or menopause. Optimal results usually require close monitoring by a healthcare provider—and adjustments may need to be made over time if needed—so regular checkups are generally recommended.

On average, individuals with mild symptoms may remain on BHRT for 6–12 months while those with more serious symptoms could remain on BHRT for much longer periods—sometimes indefinitely. It is important that individuals discuss their options with their healthcare provider and get advice before starting any type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The following are some general guidelines for staying on HRT:

  • Monitor physical and mental health: Maintaining good physical health through exercise and dieting, as well as mental health through stress management techniques or psychotherapy can be beneficial when using HTRS for extended periods.
  • Adjust dose regularly: A common problem seen with long-term HTR usage is desensitization; the body can become accustomed to a certain dose which can lead to decreased effectiveness over time. Regular visits are key in determining whether adjustments are necessary or not.
  • Get tested regularly: If a patient has been taking hormones for several years, blood tests should be taken every 1–2 years depending on individual needs like age, lifestyle habits, etc., so proper dosing levels can be determined and adjusted accordingly.

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