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Does HGH build muscle?

Written by Emma Thompson - March 03, 2023

Does HGH Build Muscle?

Yes, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) does have the potential to build muscle. This is because it increases muscular protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, which leads to an increase in lean body mass. It also has the ability to stimulate cellular proliferation activity in tissues like muscle and bone.

Benefits of HGH

There are several benefits to taking HGH as a supplement or injection that can help you gain muscle. These include:

  • Increased levels of energy
  • Improved overall physical performance
  • Enhanced endurance and recovery time after workouts
  • Boosted metabolism and fat burning capabilities
  • More balanced hormones with better regulation of testosterone levels

Side Effects & Risks

Although there are many potential benefits of using HGH for muscle growth, there are also some risks associated with it. Common side effects of using HGH for this purpose include water retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain and swelling, along with enlargement of facial features like eyes and jawbone. Long term use can have more serious implications on your health such as increased risk of diabetes and liver damage. Therefore it's important to consider the potential risks before embarking on a course of HGH therapy.

How Should one Use it Safely?

If you decide that the potential rewards outweigh the risks involved, then there are some steps you should take to ensure safe usage when taking HGH for muscle building purposes. These include:

  • Consulting with your doctor before starting treatment; they will be able to assess if this type of therapy is right for you based on your individual medical history. They can also help monitor your progress as well as any changes in medication required over time due to changes in health or lifestyle factors.
  • Choosing a reputable supplier for purchasing quality products; counterfeit products exist on the market so make sure you purchase from a trusted source ensuring all safety standards are met during manufacturing and distribution processes.

Who Can Benefit from Using it?

HGH should be used most effectively by healthy individuals between 18 - 40 who wish to improve their physique and reach their fitness goals faster than regular exercise alone could achieve. People with existing medical conditions should always consult their doctor before beginning any course of hormone therapy since there may be contraindications depending on personal health status that could lead to dangerous side effects if not taken into account prior to starting treatment plans.

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