The True Benefits Of HGH Sprays

True benefits of hgh spray

There are numerous competitors selling this product in a pill form. This form must pass through the digestive tract. Other competitors are offering injections. They claim injections are superior to sprays using homeopathic human growth hormones. They state this form is ineffective. There are several issues regarding the above claims. First, the FDA classifies these pills as dietary supplements. This means they are regulated according to their food laws.

The FDA does not regulate the sprays because they are categorized as medicine. Every single product has been given a national drug code or NDC by the FDA. Another reason competitors claim the sprays are ineffective is because they do not understand homeopathic remedies, the benefits they provide or the way they work. They use this lack of understanding to promote their powders and pills. All these usually contain are a few vitamins and amino acids. This is not even close to a true homeopathic remedy.

The Truth Regarding Releaser Pills

The human growth molecule at pharmaceutical grade is too big to be properly absorbed under your tongue. This is believed to be the first website stating this fact all the way back in 1999. If this was the way homeopathic products were sprayed, it would not be effective. A dose of an injection beneath your tongue will not work properly. The reason the sprays work correctly involves a complicated homeopathic process. The growth hormone molecules have electromagnetic energies. This is what is transferred into the base solution through the water lattice. This enables the solution to become potentiated by the HGH. It is this solution that can be naturally absorbed successfully under your tongue. This process has the same potential for weight loss for a male or a female.

The Claim Homeopathic Forms Do Not Have Enough HGH

You will also see claims from competitors stating there is not enough human growth hormone in the sprays for the average adult. These claims simply prove the companies either do not understand homeopathy or have made the assumption their clients do not understand the homeopathic process either. They are counting on your believing their false claims. The basis of homeopathy is your body’s ability to heal itself. This is accomplished with the active ingredient’s homeopathic potency. Homeopathic sprays were not developed as a complete therapy for hormone replacement. They are not meant to provide all the growth hormone required by your body because this would cause your pituitary gland to stop releasing your natural HGH.

homeopathic hgh spray

The HGH contained in the most effective sprays have already completed both the organotherapy and homeopathic processes. In addition to providing your body with homeopathic human growth hormone, these homeopathic sprays assist your pituitary gland in releasing the additional HGH your body requires for optimization, weight loss and proper healing. Anyone claiming these sprays are ineffective are ignoring the fact the homeopathic sprays have increased IGF-1 levels more than any other non-prescription product. This was established during random, independent, clinical studies for double-blind placebo IGF-1. The amount of growth hormone in your body can be accurately measured with IGF-1 blood tests.

The Refusal to Acknowledge Homeopathy

One of the oldest claims in the United States is that alternative medicines are ineffective. This is nothing new because there have always been individuals willing to dispute the validity of anything even slightly different from what they are used to. This is despite the numerous clinical studies offering proof of the effectiveness. It has only been recently numerous doctors have stopped believing taking a multivitamin every day was nothing more than a waste of money. It required many years of clinical studies and research to prove a multivitamin should be taken every day by everyone.

Homeopathy has been proven to be effective for in excess of 200 years. This proof has been backed by years and years of clinical studies. There are even homeopathic sprays that have been subjected to IGF-1 clinical studies for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness. Many of the clinical studies for the IGF-1 double-blind placebo have been conducted using our formula. These clinical results establish we have received the best results ever obtained independently for a non-prescription product. The good news is the number of health professionals incorporating homeopathy into their practices is increasing. This is because of the outstanding evidence supporting both the safety and efficacy.

The Claims Some HGH Sprays are Not Homeopathic

Some of the sellers are claiming the hormone in their spray products are not homeopathic. They have stated they are exactly the same as the injections and capable of providing you with all the human growth hormone required by your body from beneath your tongue. This is just not true. The HGH molecule is so big, every spray product needs to be homeopathic to be effective. It does not matter if the spray has completed the homeopathic process, only homeopathic amounts of HGH can be contained.

Scientists and medical professionals knowledgeable regarding HRT or hormone replacement therapy and hormone therapy know the injection of molecular growth hormone requires a prescription. This is the reason most of these professionals will tell you the spray product is not effective. Many experts are convinced the reason some individuals automatically believe HGH sprays are ineffective is because of this false claim. It is unfortunate a false claim has an unfair and negative impact on effective and legitimate homeopathic sprays.

The Effectiveness of Genuine Homeopathic HGH Products

High quality homeopathic sprays made in the United States have homeopathic human growth hormone. This is the intelligent choice because the benefits are provided safely. They do not burn out or overstimulate your pituitary gland, make your pituitary gland lazy or cause side effects. The book Feeling Younger With Homeopathic HGH was written by Dr. Howard Davis. He stated Mr. Turney, referred to as the father of human growth hormones took injections for eight years. This was because he provided the first clinics treating aging using growth hormone. He stated both himself and his wife received the same benefits from HGH hormone as provided by the injections.

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