How to Use HGH Injections

How to Use HGH Injections

Human growth hormones (HGH) offer a lot of benefits. Weight loss is one of the many effects of taking HGH. Both males and females should benefit from its many advantages. You must have proper knowledge on how to inject, the correct dosage, and familiarity with benefits and common side-effects of HGH to take advantage of what this hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has to offer.

HGH is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that goes into the bloodstream. It is responsible for bone and cartilage growth in children, and generally, it improves production of protein, utilization of fat, works with insulin, and increases blood sugar. This hormone therapy is traditionally a prescription for children with growth issues and adults experiencing growth hormone deficiency. However, its use has been expanded to include weight loss, improving athletic performance, and to delay aging. This article will highlight benefits of HGH in weight loss, the essential things during injection, and the steps in injecting HGH.

Essentials in HGH Injection

In recent years, human growth hormone has been used in HRT to combat excessive body weight. Researchers found that males and females tend to benefit from its mechanism to activate the proper use of body fat. To make injecting HGH an ease, you need to prepare several things before proceeding to the steps in injecting. The following are what you should prepare before administration:

  • A bottle of plain sterile water or normal saline water
  • A bottle of somatropin
  • A syringe for mixing for plain sterile water or saline water and somatropin, and extra syringes for administering HGH
  • A disposable container for the used syringes

Knowing the mechanism of HGH and its common side-effects is another important thing for you to know aside from preparing the essential equipment in injecting HGH. Side-effects from improper usage and not abiding with the correct steps include acromegaly, high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and liver damage. Additionally, carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling skin, pain in nerve, joints, or muscles, and possible cancerous cell growth are unwanted effects.

How to take HGH Injections

In regards to when you can feel its benefits, it can be visible and experienced within several days of proper usage and steps. Studies revealed that those who followed correct usage and steps experienced increased muscle mass, higher tolerance during exercise, reduced risk of heart diseases.

Steps in Injecting This Hormone

Injecting HGH is a simple task if you familiarize yourself with its usage and each step. The correct usage of the drug should be determined by a professional. He/she should also teach you the right steps in its administration. Also, it would be easier to administer HGH if you have the right understanding of the effects of this hormone on top of having all the right equipment in place.

Administration of this drug is simple. Given that fact, this therapy can be done in both outpatient care and at home. It is vital that you are very familiar with every aspect of administration before proceeding with injecting the drug. Nurses and other healthcare professionals follow these steps in administering HGH:

  • Ensure that the rubber part of the somatropin bottle remains sterile by wiping it with an alcohol-filled pad before inserting the syringe.
  • Prepare a syringe to use for mixing the plain saline water and the somatropin.Extract 3.0 cc from the bottle of plain sterile water or saline water into the mixing syringe.
  • Inject the plain sterile or saline water into a bottle of somatropin.
  • Turn the bottle upside down until the water mixes completely with the drug. Never shake the bottle.
  • Prepare the syringe to be used for administration.
  • Inject the administering syringe into the bottle and extract the prescribed dosage of somatropin.
  • Remember to inject the drug subcutaneously.
  • Sterilize the part of the thigh or belly were the drug would be administered.
  • Inject the hormone.
  • Properly dispose the administering syringe after use.

Adults who are having problems with their weight are turning to HGH to achieve their ideal weight. It is a secretion responsible for stimulating growth in humans. Traditionally, it was used to treat children experiencing issues with their growth, while it is prescribed for older people diagnosed with deficiency in growth hormones. In recent years, it has been used for weight loss. Proper usage of HGH should be observed in order to take advantage of its weight loss benefits. Unwanted effects of its use include muscle, joint, or nerve pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and possible diabetes and liver damage. Having proper knowledge of the correct dosage, its side-effects, and seeking help from a medical professional is vital to maximize its benefits and not suffer the consequences of using this hormone.

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