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How can I increase lubrication during menopause?

Written by James Renney - February 22, 2023

How Can I Increase Lubrication During Menopause?

Menopause is a natural part of life for all women, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe. One common symptom is decreased lubrication which can lead to pain and discomfort during sex. Thankfully, there are various ways to increase lubrication during menopause in order to regain comfort and pleasure in the bedroom.

1. Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies that are known to help with vaginal dryness, including:

  • Drinking more water throughout the day
  • Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and walnuts
  • Applying a lubricant before engaging in sexual activity
  • Taking oral herbal supplements such as red clover, dong quai, or evening primrose oil

2. Over-the-Counter Treatments

For those looking for a quicker solution, there are over-the-counter treatments available that can help reduce vaginal dryness and improve lubrication. These options include:

  • Prescription medications specifically formulated for vaginal dryness like Osphena or Premarin Vaginal Cream
  • Vaginal moisturizers like Replens or Sylk

3. Estrogen Therapy

Estrogen therapy is one of the most effective treatments for decreasing vaginal dryness during menopause. Estrogen comes in a variety of forms including creams, tablets, and rings which can be used on either a short-term or long-term basis depending on your specific needs. If you’re considering estrogen therapy it’s important to consult with your doctor first as there can be potential side effects associated with its use.

4.Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an effective treatment option for some women experiencing the symptoms of menopause including decreased lubrication. HRT replaces the hormones estrogen and progesterone that were once present prior to menopause but have since declined due to age. It’s important to note that HRT should only be taken under close medical supervision as different forms have different risks associated with them.

5. Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery has become increasingly popular as an avenue for treating conditions related to menopause, including decreased lubrication due to vaginal atrophy or thinning of tissues inside the vagina caused by low hormone levels during menopause. Robotic surgery involves using surgical robots which create tiny incisions into thinned tissue areas allowing them regenerate back into normal tissue layers thus improving symptoms like reduced lubrication associated with them . In addition ,robotic surgery is minimally invasive meaning scarring is minimal afterwards when compared to traditional open surgeries used by doctors in years past .

Whether you choose natural remedies , over-the counter treatments , hormone replacement therapies like HGH Pro clinic ,or robotic surgeries like those offered at HGH Pro clinic - there are many ways you can increase lubriction during menopause so you can get back some comfortand pleasure in the bedroom !

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