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Can menopause cause you to go crazy?

Written by Richard Johnson - February 02, 2023

Can Menopause Cause You to Go Crazy?

Menopause, the natural transition in a woman's life from fertility to post-fertility, can have drastic hormone changes and result in a wide range of symptoms. It is not uncommon for women to feel overwhelmed by the physical and emotional changes that accompany menopause. While it’s not typically thought of as causing madness or insanity, there is evidence that suggests menopause can cause an array of mental health issues.

Mood swings are one of the most prominent signs of menopause. These surges in emotions lead to feelings like anger and depression. A woman’s vulnerability in this stage may make her more prone to bouts of extreme behavior like snapping at people or having moody episodes. Withdrawal from social activities, sleep disturbances and overall irritability are also common during this transition period.

The changing hormonal environment during menopause also causes a variety of cognitive issues such as forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, confusion and vagueness in speech. Studies have suggested that these effects may be due to decreased estrogen levels which effect brain chemistry and disrupt production of key neurotransmitters. The stress associated with the transition process may also contribute to an overall feeling of being scattered or out of control.

Menopausal women may experience intense anxiety due to fluctuations in hormones and changes in lifestyle patterns such as work or family life due to retirement or new caregiving responsibilities. Anxiety can manifest itself through symptoms such as panic attacks, excessive worry and fearfulness which can further compound existing cognitive impairments caused by estrogen imbalances.

Although it’s widely believed that menopausal women go “crazy” due to their changing hormones, it should be noted that many of the mental health issues experienced during this period can be managed with therapy and medications if needed. For example, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) has been shown to be effective at addressing anxiety related symptoms while antidepressants are recommended for severe depression or other mood disorders that develop during this time frame.

It is important for those feeling overwhelmed during menopause to speak with their primary care provider about their mental health concerns so they can obtain appropriate help if needed. HGH Pro clinic offers comprehensive evaluations tailored specifically for each individual; our team utilizes cutting edge therapies synergistically combined customized dietary supplements formulated with bioidentical hormones for full spectrum wellness support . Our clinicians assist patients who suffer from hormonal imbalance related concerns such as fatigue depression PMS insomnia peri/menopausal issues & more through hormone therapy designed specifically for each patient's needs!

At its core, the purpose of hormone replacement therapy is simple: To restore balance back into your system so you no longer deal with exhaustion, clouded brain fog difficulties focusing energy crashes & so much more! Balancing hormones yields an incredible amount of benefits - clearer skin & improved digestion increased libido better sleep cycles & increased energy along with improved mood are just some after undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement treatment at HGH Pro clinic !

In conclusion , it is notable that the challenges associated with going through menopause can cause difficult mental health problems but they don't necessarily indicate a woman has gone crazy . It is important for women who are experiencing any form of emotional distress connected with menopausal processes , whether mild or severe ,to discuss these challenges openly with a primary care doctor . By taking advantage proper treatment options available today ,including those offered at HGH Pro clinic ,women can get back on track towards living healthy enjoyable lives !

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